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Baby Naming / Baptism

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The birth of a child is a momentous occasion in a parent’s life. While many are happy to have their baby christened some are uncomfortable with the usual Christian

So what do you do to celebrate this new life ~ have a Naming Ceremony! You can still have people to stand, make their promises to your child‚ delight in this new little person and trust them to make their own decisions when they are older!

Naming Ceremonies

baby naming

You can have godparents but their role would be slightly different, to give the child emotional and physical support as they get older and move into adulthood.

Naming ceremonies have gone on for hundreds of years and in many cultures, these important rites of passage are celebrated by family and friends and a way of welcoming the baby into the world.

After the Baby naming ceremony why not plant a small shrub or rose bush in the Garden to calibrate the grounding of the new born and their growth into maturity.

Baptism Ceremony

In the eyes of the old establishment within the Church that new born babies, must be baptised, or they will not be accepted as children of "God". Was strongly exercised A baby that died without being baptised would not be allowed burial within consecrated ground‚ this in my view was a man made law within the Church‚ in order to have control over the masses.

Many people still believe in this old practice‚ as it has been handed down by word of mouth‚ they have the right to believe this. Just think back‚ if you did not attend Church on a Sunday you would be fined by the Church‚ not like today‚ the majority of the masses never attend Church.

After the Baby naming ceremony why not plant a small shrub or rose bush in the Garden to calibrate the grounding of the new born and their growth into maturity.

Baptism, is it necessary in today’s society? I look at this subject in two ways, one part of me would firmly say yes and another part of me would say no why; this attitude.?

I still believe a great deal of comfort is achieved‚ by the parent of a child that has died, by having the Minister, blessing the child, or baptising in "Gods" name, if you are a believer in the Christian way of life.
On the other hand those parents that just name their children do so without thought as to any religious way.
Is this right or wrong? to be perfectly honest within my deeper inner thoughts "God" makes no distinction‚ whether you have been baptised or not. All people know‚ that we have a soul or spirit within us or around us, most people whether we like it or not‚ have this fear of the unknown‚ this is a very unsatisfactory way of life‚ yet the vast majority exist this way.

Does "God" exist? Yes he does‚ Within the Corinthian Church‚ you can be helped to find him and understand yourself without the religious mania. Baptism or a naming service for any child is a lovely way‚ will "God" accept you without Baptism he sure will! for in his eyes we are all equal and are his children. But spare a thought‚ do you have the right to decide the faith of your child? Or should the child grow up and decide for itself which faith it will follow. But never the less‚ a naming service for the child‚ is a wonderful start‚ the only promise made is to "God"